Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Refugees And Acceptance of Self

I finding Acceptance is all we need;
I have been watching the news this morning and it is all about what the refugees have done after they have been told that they will not be granted a pass into Australia. We Australian’s who feel as though we will give the ‘underdog’ a chance must surely be losing this as we are all about putting people into categories. We will get anger and violence unless we treating each person like a person and get to know them; understand what they have gone through… that they are just trying for a better life.
This not being able to accept others is from our feedback generally as children to ourselves that we aren’t achieving at a high enough rate; school is all about finding out how to teach at a higher level all the time. Children will learn what they need to learn when they are ready; and as parents we also need to remember that. The hard part is that we don’t drop expectations that don’t allow us to see them as adults.
I myself find that within my studies I am making promises to myself and course coordinator to have things done by certain times yet are not following through. This isn’t because I am not able, it may be slightly that time is hard to find, and things take longer than I expect (as most of my studies are incorporating new experiences and understandings for me) though it is mostly me needing to feel accepted. This I cannot do unless I work on myself. And like it or not this takes time.

I keep wondering what/where it is that I will fit in within the work force; it has been great really feeling like I’m achieving something by going into the Toowoomba UNI to study as I am fulfilling the role of a student who will make a contribution to our society.
I am aware that I am not wanting to start working on something when I’m already within a framework that is going to work against what I am trying to achieve. I am in a process of trying to get rid of as many deficits as possible. I know that I do want a consistency with some aspects of what I will do; maybe the people I see a few times a week; thus as much as I want to train others in NVC ( and I know I will at some point), I also want to see learning happening; I want to celebrate growth. And in some weird scheme of things celebrate death as that is where death leads… I do not want to be scared of it. Yes it is unknown to me but it’s celebration I’m sure is what will assist us from working within a deficit as society.
My funeral needs to be a real celebration; A celebration of connections made, needs being met both positively and negatively and grief over how sad it is for this wonderful gift of life to be so short lived.
It is a learning journey; and at different points we all will have different points of view and need for them to be heard … yet really all we need to remember is how to accept what we are feeling, acknowledge from that what we are needing and accept that others have different ways about doing the same process. It’s all in the giving.

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  1. I support Refugees. Some of my close friends are from Sudan... legally but if you are looking for a better lifethan that is what you are looking for.