Thursday, September 23, 2010

Organic Food that is grown on Our Farm

Hi All,
I’ m just wanting to draw your attention to the following business that I came across just today;
Watch the video it is about having community farms so that we can have and own our own farms and not have to worry about GMF, time and money, and what is entailed it costs for farming your own lot... Doesn't it sound great?
P.S. It is a project I heard from an unschooling family!! (what's the chance of that hehe!)
P.P.S. I am putting the blog on the list of blogs this blog is linked to...

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Parenting Research

Recently like a lot of other parents (and a friend I have recently made who has OCD; which makes me question myself at times...) I am reverting back to the areas I believe I can have success in; my family life. Happiness for my family is my top priority as when they are happy they are more likely to be accepting of foods that don't make them as happy (veggies... ) and their outlook on our beautiful is a grateful one thus bringing good stuff forth to them through the law of attraction. I am focusing on this area as I am feeling rather lost... unsure if I am taking the right path in regards to my studies... will I find a niche? Am I going to go into the teaching mainstream schools ... what are my alternatives? These questions are ones that I should realise I cannot answer right now and as another friend I have make said; there is always a solution- sometimes it is to let it be. This I will be actively doing from now until my assignments are done.

Hi All,

Welcome to me, Candice Marie Thompson!
This site is something that I have been needing to do for quite a while now... my life with our growing family has shifted my focus for awhile. I am now feeling very busy though slightly more balanced (get this; it took us two children to get me to see I really needed to have a bit of time to myself ... hehe). This blog is my personal space for growth and development upon my understandings on who I/we want to be.
It is so beautiful I have just realised my 2 year old has just fallen asleep beside me....I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family!
It took a little bit of thought to get the name that I wanted for this blog spot; I finally settled as you can see with Refining and Redefining as we are always refining our thoughts and who we want to be and in this process we are also redefining our view of ourselves and how we promote what we believe in. This is really a description of the continual learning process called life and our corresponding changes in our identity. I am so fascinated by learning that I decided to study teaching... as you will see it wasn't until just really recently that I have started beginning questioning  this pre-defined avenue.