Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A lot of changes

Hi All,
We are moving house and city; back to Toowoomba to see old friends, make new ones, finish Uni for me and to Start uni for Sean. Jacob is 3 now and wanting to go to school so we are going to trail this.... Ben is growing bigger and oh so active... We are leaving our first home as a family and going into our first real rental (as prior to this we were housesitting). Sean and I are both excited and scared.
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  1. Lots of more changes have happened since the move. we are nearly 5months in and Sean has left as he cannot cope with 'all' the demands of our life... his PTS has gotten to much and he was/is caught up in his own depressed cycle.
    This is scary for me- being and doing it all alone... though it is providing lots of opportunity to grow... so much so that I am burning myself out a little by not coming down to earth again.
    I am missing the unschooling conference this year... but hopefully won't next!!! Though there is heaps to do and my true direction to define/fine.