Sunday, April 24, 2011

ANZAC DAY- What it means to me

Today was ANZAC Day and with my assessment pieces...(finally in yes!!) looking at critical literacies I really couldn't help but notice that this statement made at the dawn service in Toowoomba; "Freedom isn't Free" - this was to justify ADF existence and what happened in the past... it really bugged me; yes I agree to a certain context- yet this is probably not meant that way nor if it was, was it made clear;
Freedom to feel safe isn't free because it has to be learnt and earned and it isn't until then that we will be free of fighting in such violent manners. Acceptance and Education on how to deal with conflict and know/feel reassured that you will be heard is all that is needed!!!

Please if you think that it is that simple I know that there is a lot of work behind this but if we really want our children not to have suffered the way people of the past have... we need to look at educating so. Children live what they learn. And no-one is really teaching how to cope well with pain, suffering which is of everyday  importance for growth!

With all the resources we could ever need at the 'tip of our fingers' then really we have two very powerful tools; the internet (information for all on everything) including cultural difference and empathy. And it isn't a matter about you catch more with honey... I am talking about authentic practice to have the skills to deal with violence and prevent it. As if you don't know Violence is just a suicidal attempt at expressing an unmet need- Marshal Rosenburg's NVC and growing from this work 'Don't Be Nice; Be Real'.

Recently I have been establishing what traditions we have within our society that I want to follow and celebrate within my family and why… I have noticed that all are good though they all can be shown in a negative light as well. I vow to show my children the positives and educated not ignore the negative aspects when they come in contact with them and why we celebrate it the way we do.
ANZAC Day for me is a celebration of past commitments to each other in the highest form; even though I might not agree with violence what I do acknowledge is that in those times understandings such as the ones that I am able to access to find better alternatives would not have been available as easily. Thus it isn’t their fault that they didn’t know of a better solution and therefore not the skills to implement.  These people did what they thought was the best thing and it was the best thing at the time and that is something that all of us need to accept; no one will do something the same; it is also highly unlikely that we will ever use the exact same muscles in the exact same way when we are doing the same task!
We have two modes when threatened on a serious level fight or flight, evolution can change this a little. I know of a better solution and I hope that I have the courage to stand strong in what I believe in.

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