Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Judgemental Society Causes Early Deaths?

This is some thoughts that I have been having that I weren't able to put into words.. but now I have and I did so after reading the follosing blog (if you are interested)

Who has a right to say what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'... I have just come from the schooling system (in 2006), I am happily married, have 2 beautiful boys, a husband also suffering and more so though post traumatic stress, a mentally ill mother and only 2 years part time study to go before I'm a qualified teacher though still I do not believe that I am achieving enough. My internal critic runs constantly and I acknowledge that this is a complex that I have seen affected countless fellow high achieving students.
A lot of students don’t even get time to figure out who they are and where they belong on this planet before they are filled with guilt about not being the best in absolutely everything they do… We are constantly being judged… though being the best does not bring you happiness as my recently deceased friend Georgia may have told you if she had known of how many subliminal messages she had received from the way society is. This beautiful intelligent 21 year old had respect for all she came in contact with; she saw you for who you were a person not competition, she was at Uni, engaged and had bought a house and yet no-one knew that this busy life was her mask and her thoughts were so negative that she took her life on the 2nd of this month; October 2010. Isn’t this degree of judging meant for that higher power?
I’m interested in preserving life and therefore I will be Unschooling my children until society can step in and prevent such deaths. Did you know that her brain was still developing into the adult formation and the only skills she had to deal with this emotional time was that of how to run you pseudo life.
With this constant push for success measured by others agendas we as educators are the only ones who can bring about change where it is needed:- at the grass roots, to protect the innocent from those ignorant of the reality they live in. Please join me, as no further harm should ‘need’ to occur.

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