Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thankyou for the Unschooling Conference

Hi All Unschoolers and Unschooled,
I am putting in my blurb about how the conference affect me and us as a family. If you don’t know me my name is Candice and I have two beautiful boys Jacob (if you were there a blond curly 30mths old) and Benjamin (light brown haired smiley 6.5mth old) and a red haired giving husband who has a lot to sort through before he is fully capable to truly be on the unschooling path (haven’t we all).
Firstly I would love to thank the two lovely ladies who ran the event- you did a great job and it was really well done. It is and will always be a turning point in my life where (unbeknown to me until the just recently- just yesterday when I watched ‘The Secret’) I was finally getting some answers to my questions I have been asking for a long time. A lot of these questions have to do with increasing my abilities to better communicate/be able to enquire to understand in an unchallenging environment, to share the joy I feel when I am giving to others, my ability to shelter my children from limitation via others and my own expectations and still be aware of what may/may not be a social/developmental ‘norm’  as we are so varied that it isn’t fair to impose anything onto another being (this though when it comes to parenting is a hard one that can only be addressed via our partnerships with our children).
Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to all those who attended, questioned, ran, interacted in any way as it was made by this to be an extraordinary experience that one cannot realise until hindsight just how much they got out of it.   It is because of this hindsight that I suppose I haven’t started writing about it until now.
I am really thankful and greatful that we got to stay on an extra week as this allowed for a little bit of a holiday linked to a extra full schedule (when though isn’t it with children?) . This allowed us to stay in a less stressed environment and bring in the knowledge that we learnt to our parenting then and there… and also make stronger the connections we had made. Thankyou so much to those including Dayna and family, Annette and family, Giselle and boys and any others who stayed on; your input to our experience was invaluable. We hope to be friends with you for a long time and see you often in our journeys.
We’re at home now and stresses have come into play as they do… Unschooling with a toddler is quite challenging when I have put too much stress on the family as is with my workload within and surrounding my Uni studies. As I have been studying to be a teacher- as since I acknowledge early on the more effective ways I learnt I have been fascinated with effective learning. The baggage that I brought home and had to intellectually sort through just to realise that I still want to continue my degree is one that I am just settling now. I am not sure how I will be using my knowledge to suit this world in a way that I agree with through my still developing understandings, though this is one that I believe I will be leaving up to Law of Attraction (LOA).
NVC was something I didn’t get to see to much of though I believe this is going to be such an valuable tool….
This probably is a lot of just thankful words to you and that it is; though if you were to know me my present state of frustration and my family’s life and then put in scope the thinking you will understand just how big a transformation/key the conference was to bettering our lives. Thankyou all of those who opened themselves and their lives up to those who know near to nothing about the level of understanding and acceptance Unschooling provides, it has meant a (a lot more than a)great deal to us!

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