Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IT is all starting to come together

My Internal Frustration became my motivation for change; I have temporarily put a hold on my degree and will learn to argue and clearly NATURALLY through this critical educators network that I urge you to all join (if interested) to bring change to the ‘mainstream’. The issues of not being able to hand in my assignments because I do not know enough is going to the wayside because of RU logic is finally being CLEAR and I am SO THANKFUL TO ALL I HAVE INTERACTED WITH FOR THIS!!
Candice Thompson
P.S. This is the link…   http://freireproject.org/ when you come across Pedagogy replace it with practice and it all makes sense.

P.P.S. A great pledge/definition for what Unschooling is and what we are trying to do with our children:


P.P.P.S My next project is to get together all that are interested in having a learning enabling environment for Unschoolers to hang out at / a happier medium for families who are HS and would like to US though don't have the confidence / mainstream to come closer to effective learning that US is. SO please contact me!

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