Monday, September 20, 2010

My Parenting Research

Recently like a lot of other parents (and a friend I have recently made who has OCD; which makes me question myself at times...) I am reverting back to the areas I believe I can have success in; my family life. Happiness for my family is my top priority as when they are happy they are more likely to be accepting of foods that don't make them as happy (veggies... ) and their outlook on our beautiful is a grateful one thus bringing good stuff forth to them through the law of attraction. I am focusing on this area as I am feeling rather lost... unsure if I am taking the right path in regards to my studies... will I find a niche? Am I going to go into the teaching mainstream schools ... what are my alternatives? These questions are ones that I should realise I cannot answer right now and as another friend I have make said; there is always a solution- sometimes it is to let it be. This I will be actively doing from now until my assignments are done.

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